As the temperatures rise and the summer sun shines bright, the real estate market experiences a sizzling surge of activity. If you're planning to sell your home during this season, it's crucial to capitalize on the vibrant energy and showcase your property in the best possible light. One way to achieve that is through effective home staging. Keep reading for creative and professional tips to stage your home this summer to SELL!

1. Embrace the Seasonal Beauty.

Summer brings forth an abundance of natural beauty, and you can harness its allure to create an irresistible first impression for potential buyers. Start by enhancing your home's curb appeal, ensuring your landscaping is well-maintained and vibrant. Consider adding colorful potted plants and fresh flowers near the entrance, instantly captivating visitors with a burst of summer hues! You may even want to consider some gorgeous floral centerpieces indoors as well that capture the essence of the season or showcase some of your favorite houseplants. Bonus points if you have tropical plants in your home such as palms, as they scream summer and invoke feelings of being on vacation!

2. Lighten and Brighten.

Take advantage of the longer daylight hours by maximizing the natural light in your home. Open curtains and blinds to let sunlight flood the rooms, creating an inviting and spacious atmosphere. If your property lacks abundant natural light, strategically place mirrors to reflect sunlight and create the illusion of a brighter space, or consider hosting showings during the "golden hours" of the day to highlight key features in your home under a warm, ambient, and summery glow. 

3. Summer-Inspired Décor.

Inject a touch of summer into your interior design to evoke a sense of warmth and relaxation. Swap out those dark heavy drapes and furnishings for light, airy fabrics, and vibrant accents. Cream, light blue, soft yellows, and pinks can make your home feel like summer. Consider incorporating beach-themed elements such as seashells, starfish, or nautical artwork to create a coastal charm that resonates with the season, or find and use tropical, bright prints and decor that help drive the point home! 

4. Create an Outdoor Oasis.

Summer is synonymous with outdoor living, so ensuring your outdoor spaces shine is vital and may even make or break the sale. Stage your patio, deck, or backyard as a relaxing oasis for potential buyers to envision themselves hosting gatherings or enjoying the sunshine. Arrange patio furniture, add colorful cushions, and create cozy sitting areas that highlight the potential for outdoor entertainment. Add a firepit, a grill, and some patio plants to help buyers imagine themselves relaxing and entertaining in the outdoor spaces not only in the summer but year-round as well! 

5. Keep it Cool and Comfortable.

During the summer months, prospective buyers are seeking refuge from the heat, especially in Western North Carolina and the Southeast where temps regularly rise to nearly unbearable conditions in high summer. Keep your home comfortable and cool during showings by setting the air conditioning at a refreshing temperature. Consider offering chilled refreshments, such as infused water or lemonade, to create a welcoming and memorable experience for visitors. If your buyers have children consider offering fresh fruit or ice pops to keep the little ones happy too! 

6. Highlight Summer Activities in Your Town or Neighborhood.

Highlight the recreational possibilities that summer offers by showcasing specific areas of your home. Stage a reading nook in the sunlit corner, display a picnic set in the backyard, or set up a small barbecue station to demonstrate the potential for summer fun. By doing so, you help buyers visualize the joyful moments they can experience in their new home. Consider discussing some fun, local Hendersonville, North Carolina activities, and places to see, and offering information about the area. 

7. Declutter and get organized.

While it's important to infuse summer elements, it's equally crucial to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment. Remove personal items and excessive décor to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in the space. Pack away any winter or off-season items to create a sense of spaciousness and maintain a streamlined aesthetic. When selling your home, minimalism is the way to go. If there is too much clutter or the space looks too lived in with kids' toys, dirty dishes in the sink, piles of laundry,  or excessive art and decor on the walls or shelves, it may potentially ward off some people from buying your home and make it more difficult for them to see themselves there. Less is more! 

8. Bring Out the Summer Scents.

Appeal to buyers' senses by incorporating pleasant scents throughout your home. Opt for fresh and light fragrances, such as citrus, watermelon, lavender, rose, melon, or linen, that help give a "scents" of the summer season. Avoid overpowering scents such as anything that smells too much like food or sweets, as they may have unpleasant effects on sensitive individuals, such as headaches or sneezing. 

Staging your home to sell during the summer months requires a sense of the season and considering what you may look for in a home when buying in the summer. By embracing the season, maximizing natural light, and creating beautiful and relaxing outdoor spaces, you can capture the season and present your property in its best possible light! The key is to help potential buyers envision themselves living a vibrant and enjoyable life and lifestyle in your home—so, go ahead and grab a glass of lemonade, browse Pinterest for ideas, and let loose!