The summer has ended, and Western North Carolina is well into fall by now. Quite possibly one of the best seasons, part of the allure of fall is the cozy home décor and feel-good treats of the season!

To revamp your space for fall, consider some of the tips below!

Switch up pillowcases, throw pillows, and cozy blankets and replace them with warm fall tones, fabric textures such as fleece or velvet, and fun designs.

Indulge in some classic fall candles with scents such as apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, vanilla bean, cashmere, and pine, and place them strategically and beautifully around your home. Even better if you find candles with warm, fiery tones and rich neutrals.

Check out a pumpkin patch and bring some back! Pumpkins are the quintessential statement piece of autumn. If pumpkin spice lattes simply aren’t enough, add pumpkins and gourds to outdoor areas for curb appeal, and inside areas as centerpieces!

Make or purchase a fall-themed wreath. Wreaths add a touch of seasonal flair to conspicuous areas such as your front door, or even your windows! If you’re crafty, make one, and if you are not, go ahead and buy one!

Embrace a new color scheme. Summer usually features bright, floral colors and lighter shades. When fall hits, it’s time to break out the burgundies, oranges, yellows, and deeper, darker colors. Incorporate them into your normal décor for a look that is fresh, yet classic.

Bring the outdoors in. Because fall is known for the changing leaves and foliage, there are ample opportunities to bring a little of the outside in. If you find some particularly gorgeous leaves or flowers that you have permission to take, go ahead and create an arrangement! This is a great low-cost, if not free, way to redecorate your home to make it cozy for fall.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!