In the wintertime, staying home and out of the cold is to go-to for most people! But it comes at a price—what is there to do at home?

Staying home can be pretty boring sometimes, but post-pandemic days have taught us nothing other than how we manage to keep ourselves entertained when we can’t go out much. Count it as a lesson learned, this has helped people become more resourceful and mindful of how they choose to spend their time indoors. Since it's February, the month of love, we thought it would be a fun blog idea to come up with some ideas for date nights at home.

You may choose to stay home because you have young children you don’t want to leave with anyone, or maybe you and your partner just want a cozy night in to cuddle up close with one another. Whatever your unique situation is, we think you’ll enjoy some of our suggestions below!

1. Cook something together and have a candlelit dinner in your bedroom. There are few things as romantic as that!

2. Competitive? Have a friendly board game night with just the two of you. Some ideas for two-player games are Scrabble, the Game of Life, or Jenga.

3. Spoil each other with a massage or spa evening. Who doesn’t enjoy a massage every once in and while? Maybe plan for it after the romantic candlelit dinner you had in your bedroom to heat things up.

4. Read aloud to each other. Like the days of the past, reading to each other can be a romantic way to spend some time together, especially if there’s a book of love poems you’ve been eyeing. If love poems aren’t your thing, maybe a good novel will do!

5. Dance together. YouTube is a wonderful resource to learn, well, just about anything! Setting aside an evening to learn how to dance with your partner along with an instructional video can be a fun way to shake things up and get into a rhythm with one another.

6. If you have a fireplace, make s’mores together! Or go “camping” in your living room, complete with a tent and cozy sleeping bags, and warm blankets.

7. Are you and your partner the cerebral type? Find a puzzle you both like and work on it together!