You think it’s easy being a modern dad? You want a brilliant career—and a loving, well-adjusted brood. You want some serious buddy or hobby time—and tons of family time, too. You still want to be a guy, but you always need to be a father. And more dads are even giving up careers to care for the kiddies.

Today, there are roughly 2 million stay-at-home dads in the U.S., which accounts for 7% of U.S. fathers, up from 4% in 1989, according to the Pew Research Center.

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we sent our data team to find the cities most conducive to pulling off a full Vito: true fatherhood balance. We searched for the places where daddy-child activities abound, manly hobbies are supported, tap beer runs cold, sports activities are plentiful, child care is readily available—and maybe a unique feature or two to make dads extra happy. Because, Father’s Day. Right?

To find out which cities offer the best quality of life for dads, we ranked the 500 largest cities based on the following criteria:

Number of dad support groups
Number of campgrounds
Number of major league sports teams
Number of gyms per capita to work on dad bods
Number of babysitters for every child under age 12 (because dads need nights out!)
Number of golf courses and fishing spots per capita—for outdoorsy dads
Number of breweries, pool halls, and sports bars per capita—for social dads
Number of hardware stores and science museums per capita—for nerdy dads

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