Housing vacancies are currently at the lowest levels since at least 2005, according to the Census Bureau estimates. Nationally, the rental vacancy rate was 7.3 percent while homeowner housing rate was 1.9 percent for the third quarter 2015.

But how did housing vacancy rate change at a local level between 2014 and 2011? American Community Survey (ACS) recently published overall vacant housing estimates for zip codes for 2014.  Of the 32,634 zip codes, 79 percent had vacancy rate less than 25 percent, 16 percent had 25 to 50 percent, 4 percent had 50 to 75 percent, and 1 percent had 75 percent and higher. Pennsylvania (8.5% of the housing units) and New York (5.9% of the housing units) had the most zip codes with zero percent housing vacancy rate.

The Asheville MSA reported a vacancy rate of less than 20%, down slightly from 2005.