My late father said several times that if you can find something you enjoy doing, can make money at, and are good at, you will not work a day in your life. I found the first three to be true. However, there have been many days that have been extremely hard work and thought-provoking challenges.  READ MORE TO SEE MY LESSONS LEARNED

Today, I view them all as lessons learned:

Keep sharpening your saw. Learn all you can about that area (specialty) of real estate that you do most often.

Spend money on training, less on advertising.

Become an expert.

Give back to your community with your skills, your time, and your money.

Give some of your market insight to your clients on a regular basis. Stay in touch.

What follows is the story of my career (so far). In it, you’ll see that the real estate industry has grown and changed for the better, with many bumps along the way. Its trajectory mirrors my own. But I hope to reassure you through this story that there are still many bright days ahead.  See the full story here.