Ahh, Springtime. The flowers are starting to bloom, the weather is warming up and you may be getting your garden and lawn chores set up for the season. One important tradition that many people do in the Spring is the ever-so-daunting Spring cleaning. Is your house still looking like it’s got the winter blues? Well, then it’s time to clean it out and get your home ready for the season’s activities! Don’t worry though — we have some great Spring-cleaning tips to help you get started and succeed! Keep reading below!

1. First things first— organize! Organizing and clearing clutter will help make cleaning easier and less overwhelming once you get to it. Start by going through closets, winter clothes, and get rid of items you no longer use, figure out which items you will need to store, and lastly, figure out what you need or want to keep.

2. Clean room by room. Narrowing down your cleaning efforts by room and making a checklist for each area can be helpful in preventing an overwhelming amount of work. For most of us, our kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned regularly, while other rooms that are less obvious—bedrooms or storage areas— tend to be forgotten about or become areas where dust and clutter builds up.

3. Get the household involved. Many a spousal and child arguments tend to be caused by chores. Getting your family involved early and breaking down the amount of work per person may help you cover more spring-cleaning ground, and ensure that everyone feels like they contributed. Don’t forget that children can be a great help too—but ensure the chores you assign to them are age appropriate!

4. Tackle seasonal chores. Some chores around the home are more seasonal than others such as cleaning the grill, cleaning off the patio, or cleaning windows. Another example of a seasonal chore may be to put away winter clothes and seasonal decorations, as well as refreshing your bedding and bringing your Spring décor out to brighten your home for the impending warm weather!

5. Try to keep cleaning products to a minimum. You really don’t need a bunch of products to keep your home clean. Figure out exactly which cleaning products you need and either purge the rest, as they can create unnecessary clutter, or scour the internet for other organization hacks.

6. Create and establish new cleaning habits. Are there always dishes in the sink after you’ve cooked a meal? Do you have a hairy pet that leaves a trail of their existence all around your home? By cleaning these types of things when they first occur and taking a proactive approach, you can keep your home cleaner, for longer, and avoid having to get to the point where deep cleaning is your only option. Break down chores and cleaning projects and complete them regularly so you don’t end up with an immense amount of work when you finally feel focused and energized enough to clean.

And that’s it! Hopefully in the coming weeks you start on your spring cleaning, you will feel less overwhelmed and less stressed when it’s time to buckle down and get it done. Happy Spring!