Now that Fall is in full swing and odds are that you’ve broken out your cold weather clothes, it’s time to get serious about decorating your home for fall!

What began as beautiful, late blooming fall flowers that offered visual interest as summer held on as long as it could, has likely now been replaced by mostly dead or dying plants, a whole lot of brown and maybe some leftover Halloween decorations still hanging up in the trees in your yard. You can do better than that though, and we’ve got some great tips to help you get your home ready for the full swing of the fall season!

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1. Fall color palette. To lengthen the amount of time those fiery colors stay in your space, think of some colors that are commonly thought of during the fall- yellows, oranges, reds and burgundies for example- and bring them inside via pops of color! Choosing two or three of those fall hues and highlighting them in your home can really vamp up your space.

Whether you apply them as throw pillows, fuzzy blankets, candles or wreaths, bringing the fall colors inside can make a big difference in your environment and make it look great.

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2. Candles, candles and more candles! Sure, you may like candles all times of the year, but there’s something extra cozy about incorporating candles into your design plans in the fall. Try out fall scents such as cinnamon, apple, plum spice, pumpkin, warm sugar cookie and more to capture that fall feeling and bring it inside. Bonus points if you find them in Autumn themed colors!

If the flame from candles has you a little concerned or you’re sensitive to strong smells, try out electric candles! You can still create a cozy atmosphere with alternative candles!

If that’s still not an option, try a cinnamon broom or potpourri which can double as décor and bring the scents of fall inside.

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3. Bring natural elements in your home to create flow. One popular choice for fall décor is wicker balls and wreaths that combine natural elements and can be used in unique ways. Whether you like a wreath for your door, or have a coffee table that has a decorative dish and you need something to fill it, both are great options that give your home some fall flair! If you can source one, adding a fall themed bouquet or centerpiece featuring mums or other fall flowers, can be a nice touch as well.

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4. Pumpkins and gourds! These are in season well into November and are simple and make beautiful statement décor throughout not only the interior of your home, but the exterior as well. When they start to expire (but aren’t moldy or too slimy), they can be composted or donated to wildlife centers for the enrichment of many native species!

What are your favorite Fall decoration tips and ideas?

Let’s make your house a home for the Autumnal season and don’t forget that the holidays are just around the corner!