Home DIY can be quite difficult and pricey, or fairly easy and inexpensive. How do you decide which is best? Deciding what to work on can be troublesome in and of itself, particularly if you have an eye to reselling your home or increasing its value. Choosing one or two projects that make a big impression may just be the way to go.

Thankfully, there are resources to help navigate through DIY projects. Home improvement stores often offer classes and, of course, the internet offers a plethora of how to videos and blogs. Magazines have been a tried-and-true asset for decades. Better Homes & Gardens, for example, always has articles about tested, trendy products and how to use them.

Flooring has a big impact on overall appearance and feel of rooms. Many of us think about the carpet and wood or laminate throughout the house, but what about those bathroommismatchtilefloors and kitchen floors? Aging bathroom flooring that is cracked or stained may detract from a home’s appeal just as much as a stained or worn living room carpet. 

But ceramic and porcelain tiles are expensive and require specialized equipment and skills. An easier – and quite a bit less costly – option is peel-and-stick tile. According to this article, The Prettiest Peel-and-Stick Tiles to Instantly Upgrade Your Floor, you can update 40 square feet for less than $100. Graphic patterns are popular today, and may have the added benefit of camouflaging issues. Application of self-adhesive square foot tiles is low on skill and high on eye-catching design. Talk about a big return on a small investment!