mattresspillowbearThere's nothing like a good night’s sleep. Sleeping is restorative. Studies prove sleep is vital to our health and well-being. It can improve our disposition and lessen stress. Or, sleep can have the opposite effect. According to Whitney Coy and her recent article on, we spend more than one third of our day in bed.

A mattress can make the difference between waking refreshed and waking sluggish, or worse, in pain. But what’s comfortable for some, may not be right for you. That makes purchasing a mattress that suits your needs vital. But knowing how to find the right mattress isn’t easy. There are many options, from in-store to online. In these days of masked in-person shopping, purchasing a mattress online may be your preference.

But shopping online doesn’t necessarily make getting the appropriate mattress any easier. There are countless styles and types of mattresses available. This makes navigating the vast digital marketplace potentially daunting and overwhelming. Further complicating the issue, reviews can be confusing. The reviewers may not have the same needs in a mattress that you have.

And then there’s the price. Let’s face it, mattresses aren’t inexpensive. Or are they? How much should you spend? How do you know if you are getting a good deal or a bad mattress?

Whitney Coy addresses common mistakes people make when shopping for a mattress online. You can find her insightful article here. Whitney’s advice just may be the deciding factor between a restful night’s sleep, and a bad day.