Senior Housing Is Set to Baby Boom!

The baby boom generation is fully arriving into retirement and the last of the generation won't reach the age of 80 for nearly another 25 years. With that will come a large need for senior-based housing. Look for more senior-based communities to pop up giving boomers more options like upscale apartments and condos.

 Smart Homes will Continue to be in Demand!

Technology will continue to have an impact on home-buyers wants and desires. With the explosion in popularity in devices such as Nest thermostats, Ring doorbell systems, and smart appliances look for the demand on these time-saving and efficient add-ons to continue to rise. 

The Price Crunch will Continue!

Don't look for housing prices to recede any time soon. With the demand for quality housing being so high, and the supply being relatively short, it is a seller's market and looks to remain that way for quite some time. In 2018, median home price grew by about 5%. Despite a drop in growth of nearly 3% in 2019, the market projects to climb back to near 5% in 2020. Combine that with ever rising rent rates and the crunch is on.

Recession Worries!

An oft discussed topic, although one in which the housing market doesn't look to be impacted greatly. Unlike the housing atmosphere that was experienced roughly ten years ago the market is healthy and appears to be well-positioned for the next few years at least. 

Millennials Will Continue to Dictate the Market!

Already making up a the lion's share of the buying market, that trend will continue as millenials start landing in the 30 year old age bracket further strengthening their buying power and their impact on home sales for the forseeable future.