Even though it may be a bit chilly in February, its also a sign that springtime warmth is just a matter of weeks away. Its time to start and finish those home maintenance tasks you might have been putting off so you can be focused on enjoying the sun and preparing your lawn during the early spring. Take a look at these tips for ideas on keeping your home in tip-top shape. 


Kitchen -

Clean the garbage disposal - cut the power, wipe the grinding chamber & flush, deodorize with ice and vinegar.

Clean out the oven - almost 10% of house fires are caused by unclean ovens and rangetops.

Check for expired fire extinguisher tags - make sure you are safe with up-to-date equipment.

Living Room & Bedrooms - 

Clean carptets, rugs, curtains and window ledges - remove any dust or mites that have made a home during winter.

Upgrade indoor lights - brighten up the area with energy efficient LEDs'.

Wipe down ceiling fan blades - major collection area for dust

Basements -

Install water leak detectors - water follows the path of least resistance, often into basements.

Check foundation for cracks and fissures - find early and address, can cause major problems later on.

Apply Drylok or other water sealer - to block walls and other masonry.

Install radon detectors - radioactive gas that can leak into basements.

Bathrooms - 

Clear out medicine cabinets - dispose properly of old medications

Recaulk tub and toilets - ensure water damage stays away from structures behind walls.

Deep clean with mold killing cleaner - ensure all mold spores are cleaned with a dedicated all-purpose cleaner.