You will certainly pay the price (and then some) if you delay in tackling these tasks. A little spring maintenance now could help prevent major repair costs down the line.

Here's a bit of good news: We've done the heavy lifting for you, identifying the top items to address—and what professional help will cost you if you want to throw in the towel.

1. Clear your gardens.
April showers bring May flowers—but what if your May flowers can't grow? Fall and winter likely left your garden beds covered in debris such as sticks and branches, which could stifle your spring floral display.

"Be on the lookout," says Amy Enfield, a consumer horticulturist with Scotts Miracle-Gro. "The freezing and thawing of the soil throughout winter and early spring sometimes moves rocks to the garden surface." And nothing can stymie an eager tulip like a rock squatting in its spot.

DIY: Raking up garden debris is an easy job. Make sure to clear the garden entirely, and cover it with a layer of mulch.

Call a pro: If you're blessed with an expanse of gardens, consider hiring a professional lawn care service to clear out the mess. You'll spend an average of $226 to get your beds in spring shape.

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