You will certainly pay the price (and then some) if you delay in tackling these tasks. A little spring maintenance now could help prevent major repair costs down the line.

There's no shortage of things to do in our area. Our charming town of Hendersonville is loved by residents and tourists alike. 

Here is the most curent edition of The Realtor Advocate

NC Realtors newsletter for Feb  6, 2019


In 2006, I purchased my first apartment in New York City. Nothing huge, the compact one-bedroom was all I needed as a single woman with a pocket-size dog in tow.

I paid $426,250—a deal by New York standards—because it clearly needed work. The kitchen would need a complete overhaul, and the bathroom was in sorry shape, too. So I decided to splurge on my renovation.

I started with the kitchen. I reconfigured the layout, had custom cabinetry built, and procured top-of-the-line appliances. I found the prettiest granite for counters, along with beveled subway tile for a backsplash, a wine rack, a spice cabinet, and many other bells and whistles.
Next, I set my sights on the bathroom. Before I knew it, this dark, cramped space was encased in floor-to-ceiling Carrara marble. I had the dingy old bathtub demolished and replaced with a floor-to-ceiling spa shower. Read more here.