One of the best investments you can make to ensure the home you’re selling gets a quick offer and achieves the highest sale value is staging the home. Research has shown that a staged homes sells three times faster than a non-staged home – and 70% of real estate agents stated that home staging increased the offer value on a house by up to 10%.

First impressions matter, so you want to make sure your home stands out the instant buyers pull up to the curb. Anne Carr of Los Angeles-based Anne Carr Design says that, “staging is important for two reasons. Most people cannot see beyond what is in front of them. They get caught up in past perceptions, so you need to show them what is possible.”

 Maybe you’re downsizing your home for retirement, or maybe you need to upgrade your home to accommodate a new baby or family member and you’ve decided you’re ready to sell.

Homes in the area are hot, and there’s no doubt you will see a massive return on investment for your Western North Carolina home. Selling your home can be overwhelming, but with the right real estate agent guiding you through this transition in your life, you’re better prepared for anything that comes your way. Naturally you will want to find an agent that can work well with you and your needs, and one who can sell your property for the highest possible price.

Once you’ve decided that you are ready to sell, you’re going to want to ask your real estate agent a few questions to ensure you’ll get what you need. Read below for some of the top questions to ask your realtor when you’re ready to sell your home!

Ahh, Springtime. The flowers are starting to bloom, the weather is warming up and you may be getting your garden and lawn chores set up for the season. One important tradition that many people do in the Spring is the ever-so-daunting Spring cleaning. Is your house still looking like it’s got the winter blues? Well, then it’s time to clean it out and get your home ready for the season’s activities! Don’t worry though — we have some great Spring-cleaning tips to help you get started and succeed! Keep reading below!

Despite the winter months typically being known to be slower for real estate, the housing market was actually hot in the first month of 2022. While the home purchase demand remained steady, the inventory was low and prices crept up, so what can we expect for February?

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This winter looks a bit different from previous ones. Not only did we have temperatures in the 70s over the holidays, but now we’re looking at bitterly cold temperatures including ice and snow for the next week. Western North Carolina is a bit strange like that- but as the area is becoming more and more popular for people to live here, the weird and wonderful weather doesn’t seem to be holding anyone back from moving here.

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can sell your home in the winter time. Winter can be a tough time to sell, but sometimes a situation arises that forces you to sell your home, such as relocating for a new job or an elderly family member needing help and you have to move closer to them. There are many reasons that may make you sell your home this time of year.

Selling in the winter is different than selling in the spring or summer. When the weather is nicer, it’s easier to make your home look it’s very best as the colors and flowers of the warmer seasons are there to help people envision what it may be like to live there. In the winter time, more likely than not, your home may appear to be drab or to not stand out, especially if your home is a muted color. Also, less people may want to come out for a showing due to the colder weather. But never fear, that’s why we’re here to give you some tips for selling your home in the winter. Keep reading below for our tips!