Last week, NAR launched a Call for Action asking you to contact your Congressman to ask that they pass House Resolution 2874 "The 21st Century Flood Reform Act."

While this bill makes numerous reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), it also reauthorizes the program for an additional five years. As we mentioned in previous Updates, this is extremely important because the NFIP will expire on September 30 without reauthorization!

The REALTOR® voice is needed on this key priority to ensure that properties across our state remain protected. This is not just a coastal issue, as numerous inland properties lie in river floodplains and can be more directly affected by irregular storms. North Carolina is no stranger to flooding and we have numerous examples about how having the NFIP helped property owners stay in their homes and repair them following flooding.

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May I advertise my role in sales after leaving a firm?

I’ve recently changed firms. I was with my last firm for a long time and I was involved in the sale of many properties while I was there. Those properties are displayed on my website. Of course, I’ve changed my website to clearly show the name of my new firm. My question is, can I continue to display the properties I helped sell while I was affiliated with my old firm since I’m no longer there?

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WANTED: Member Input

We want your input to make the Commercial Series of Forms as responsive to member needs as possible. We want to make sure that we receive and attempt to address as many suggestions or issues as possible. If you have suggestions for modifications to any of the forms or thoughts on how they can mechanically work better, please submit your input. Please be as specific as you can so that we can clearly identify what needs to be addressed. Make submittals by e-mail to Kay Bailey at NC REALTORS® »

Webinar Wednesday: The X Factor Selling System

Join us on September 13 for Tom Vecchia, author and creator of the X Factor Selling System. He will share everything you need to know about digital marketing. Tom has sold over $100 million and began X Factor Digital Marketing to give business owners access to the best sales/digital marketing talent. The X Factor Digital Marketing team provides the special formula for success, including digital marketing, sales training, and lifetime customer retention. Register »

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Be a Winner, Not a Loser with Mediation Training

Even REALTORS® who are committed to high standards of conduct occasionally have honest business disputes with other professionals, clients, or customers. In REALTOR® to REALTOR® disputes, mediation preserves personal and working relationships by solving problems quickly and amicably. Learn more about how mediation training will help you mediate issues in your business by registering for a class. Two mediation classes are being held this fall.

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